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The Hottest Car Stereos Baltimore, Maryland Has Ever Seen!

Fully Stocked Car Stereo Systems

Fully Stocked Car Stereo Equipment

Many people are surprised to learn that Caton Radio is not your typical audio shop geared towards high school teenagers.  In fact, most of our customers are very mature adults with families.  We install more subwoofers in SUVs and minivans than we install into Honda Civics or Acura Integras.

We welcome all music lovers. We will not discriminate.  You will not find price tags in our showroom because we are not a grocery store.

Looking for the hottest, most customized, ear-drum-rattling car stereos Baltimore, Maryland  has to offer? Or maybe you have a stereo system that used to be hot, but now needs to be repaired?

If so, and if you’re near Columbia, Ellicott City, Catonsville, or Dundalk, you’ve arrived at the right place (thank you, Google) – Caton Radio has whatever you need (or want) in the universe of car audio equipment.

We’re in the process of adding pictures to the site so you can see, but in the meanwhile, we’ll just try our best to describe it.

What Type of Car Stereo Help Do You Want?

If you’re looking for subwoofers, we’ve got a wide variety in-stock to choose from. Whether you’re just trying to listen to high-quality audio, or whether you’re trying to blow the doors off the house, we can take care of you.

And of course, we also have amplifiers, b/c, what good would subs be without amps, right? And it’s the same story in that case too, whatever you’re looking for, we will either have in stock, or be able to order in a day.

If you want to hook your interior up a little more, we have all types of display monitors, TVs, DVD players, iphone connectors, and a bunch of other stuff you will like.

Plus, like I said, if you want something that we don’t have in stock, we can usually order and install it on the same day.

Finally, if you’re looking to get your stereo system fixed – whether it be a blown speaker, deffective amplifier, the head-unit (a.k.a. “deck” a.k.a. “radio”) doesn’t work, or it’s making a funny rattling noise that bothers you, whatever it is – we can diagnose it for you and tell you how to fix it.

I go to Caton Radio for all my car audio

“I own 4 different cars, each with a custom audio set-up, and I have been using Caton for all of them — for the past 6 years. They’ve never done me wrong, never try to jack up the price for no reason.

I recommend them to my friends all the time, too, and all of them have had a good experience so far. Hossein, particularly, is the man.”

Ronald Manzini, Baltimore, MD

Again, we’re in the process of posting pictures so you can see examples of all the good work we’ve done. But for the time being, if you’re in the market to hook up your car stereo, Baltimore residents, you won’t find a better shop to do it.

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy and painless. You have three options:

1. Call – pretty self-explanatory, just pick up the phone and dial 410-747-8667

2. Click – click here, fill in the form, click “Submit”

3. Visit – get in your car and drive to 6328 Baltmiore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228

My name’s John, feel free to ask for me and I’ll take good care of you. Also, you can contact me personally using this form on our website.

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